The gentleman’s set is a perfect gift idea to a respectable man, who enjoys a distinguished and outstanding look.


The set includes one wooden 3D bow tie in size M and wooden cufflinks.


3D wooden bow tie is lightweight and flexible, but can break under too much pressure! Keep products in the original box to protect them from direct sunlight, dust and breaking. All our models are protected as European Union registered industrial designs and copying is prohibited.


Wooden bow tie ELEGANS

Size: M

Width: 11 cm.

Length of the adjustable cord: 26 - 47 cm. 

Weight: 15 g.


Cufflinks ELEGANS

Measurements: 19 x 19 mm.


Advice: Pocket square added in the pocket of the suit jacket creates a complete set.  


A meaningful message or a logo can be engraved on the product. Let us know your request at info@woodenlifestyle.ee.

Price: 75,00 EUR Out of stock - order!

Details of the product

Shape Straight
Wood specie Ebony