About us

Wooden Lifestyle is a family business established in 2014, led by Siim. The purpose of the company is to bring innovative and unique Estonian design to the lives of trendy people.


Wooden Lifestyle was the first one in Estonia to bring 3D wooden bow ties to the market. The idea was initiated already in 2013, when Siim, who is the head of a timber company, had to represent his business in a trade fair. In order to stand out with the exhibition area, it had to be made more attractive and Siim had the idea of making a waistcoat out of oak veneer. While making the waistcoat, Siim felt like something was missing and decided to create a long tie made out of veneer. However, he was not happy with the result, because the tie began to curl and did not stay straight on the dress shirt. When thinking and bending the veneer between fingers, a bow tie-like shape randomly appeared. There was still a piece of fabric to be added and a fascinating bow tie was made. The wooden waistcoat and bow tie attracted a lot of attention during the trade fair and several visitors were interested, where can they buy these products from. These products offered a lot of talk and the goal was fulfilled – draw attention to the trade fair exhibition area!


Today, Wooden Lifestyle is a lifestyle brand that provides people with opportunities to express themselves through stylish and unique accessories. Product range includes wooden accessories for men, women as well as children. In addition to wooden bow ties, we also make wooden cufflinks, brooches and notebooks, and create new solutions all the time to make our customers happy. The wooden bow tie collection is complemented by fabric bow ties, long ties and pocket squares.


Wooden Lifestyle 3D wooden bow ties are protected under industrial design patent in all around Europe and copying is prohibited.